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I am a friendly, approachable problem solver with a no-nonsense attitude to business.

With years of experience as a "doer", I am used to rolling up my sleeves or taking a back seat, as the situation dictates. My style is collaborative, encouraging and empathetic, yet realistic.

As a chartered accountant, I have worked with all scales of enterprise: Large corporates, SME's, not-for-profit companies, charities and the public sector (including Non Departmental Public Bodies).

I specialise in the turnaround of failing businesses. To date, I have turned around logistics companies, hospitals, agencies of central government, exhibition companies, cleaning companies, estate agents, insurance businesses, engineering firms and manufacturers of everything from cheese to tanks.

Before taking on an assignment, I carry out due diligence on the accounts and people. From there, I summarise the numbers, listen to the key people and observe. Finally, I produce results by designing a bespoke turnaround strategy and overseeing its implementation.

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