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I was recently featured in Corporate UK:

West Midlands-based Celia Adams divides her time between working as an interim manager, both in the public and private sector, and non-executive board positions and business angel activities. She finds that the flexibility offered by interim management is the ideal complement to her other activities and family commitments but there is often a lack of awareness of the benefits of working as an interim manager amongst women in full time managerial positions.

“Perhaps there is a perception left over from the days when for example you were sent to York for three weeks and you had to pack your bags and stay in a hotel. Obviously that’s no good if you have a young family.

Now that interim management is much more accepted in general and has become more widespread, more opportunities have opened up and I’m able to get assignments in commuting distance of my home,” said Ms Adams.

Whether male or female, interim management takes a certain kind of personality. “It’s not for everyone,” said Ms Adams, “but there is great satisfaction to be had in going into a company and achieving the task you set out to achieve.”