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Business leader welcomes moves to bring Business Game to Worcester PDF Print E-mail

A competition aimed at turning young people into potential business gurus is being brought to Worcester.

Schools in Worcestershire are to be invited to join their own local inter-schools Business Game competition, which will help create job openings - by giving senior pupils the chance to become problem solvers.

Teams of six VIth formers enter the Business Game, a national interactive day, and tackle a business scenario where they have to come up with the best solution, using team work and problem solving skills. They present their solutions to judges.

Leading financial businesses come along to talk to the students about job opportunities within the industry, and dates are now being set for the event to be held at Worcester University’s new Business School.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales is writing shortly to local schools, inviting them to enter.

Celia Adams, chairman of the Institute of  Chartered Accountants for Worcestershire, was mentor to teams at this month’s (July 2) Midlands finals at Aston University.

She said:  ‘There was tremendous enthusiasm, because they can see that it’s not just adding up numbers – there is so much variety. These students are the business leaders of the future.”

“The Business Game builds local business links and career opportunities in the financial sector.  One teacher said he no longer had to convince people to join business studies courses, because the feedback from peers meant that students understood the relevance – and he is now running four courses, not just one.  We are delighted it is coming to Worcester.

“It is great to see our young people applying themselves so well to tackling business problems.  The Business Game is setting them up well for real life.”

The events encourage students to think on their feet, "and build their confidence and enhances students understanding of financial career opportunities". They foster enthusiasm for careers in business and accounting, and develops team work, time management and presentational skills.

Brian Boswell, of Business Accounting Skills Education, and a key contributor to the Business Game, said:  “We have had so much positive feedback from schools.  The results are fantastic.”

Celia Adams (centre) with the 2010 winners from Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge Hannah Keen, Nicola Bilton, Natalie Osborne, Dan Harlock, Ravi Pandya and Chris Johnson.