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Alumni from two Birmingham universities will tonight (Friday June 11) hear and see first-hand what has been achieved so far by the award-winning team redeveloping New Street Station.

Gary Woodward, Principal Planning Officer at Birmingham City Council, will explain the redeveloped station’s  importance within the regeneration of the city centre.to the University of Birmingham and Aston University Midlands alumni groups this evening (Friday June 11)..

He said:  “The £600 million Gateway development is critical in supporting  the transformation of Birmingham through the Big City Plan.”  The Big City Plan is to shape and revitalise the city centre over the next twenty years, into a ‘global city with a local heart.’ He will show images of the new station in the presentation, in Lecture Room 1 on the first floor, in the Mason Lounge of the Arts Building.

Mr Woodward said work had already started on demolition, much within the shell of the building and not obvious to the casual observer.  He will explain how the new station will be constructed in two phases and how it will emerge from the existing shell by 2015.

University of Birmingham alumna Celia Adams, a Chartered accountant in Worcestershire, has organised the event. “We are all excited to hear first-hand how the city and business life will be completely transformed as a result,” she said.

Mr Woodward and the team won a City Council "Chamberlain Award" for "Achievement Against the Odds" at an award ceremony last November.