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Challenges for directors’ warning at workshop PDF Print E-mail

Businesses are being warned to be ready for new challenges being faced by directors.

Are you ready for the new regime on Tax Investigations? PDF Print E-mail

Business leaders in Worcestershire are being alerted on preparing for ‘radical changes’ in tax investigations at a key lecture this month (October 5).

Former district tax inspector Andrew Gotch will brief members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants at Worcestershire Cricket Club on the changes, in the first of a series of talks on major business issues.

What Rebecca has to say about the current PAYE situation PDF Print E-mail

This media frenzy is doing my health no good at all. I have never heard so much rubbish talked about tax in all my life. Dave was right first time - reconciling your tax position is something that has to happen when people have frequent job moves. I do think that the old PAYE system had become unfit for purpose, but screaming about that just as the issue has been resolved by introducing a new system is plain daft.

Turnaround expert warns of tax 'bomb' PDF Print E-mail

A turnaround expert has sounded an alert to businesses of an impending tax 'bomb'.

Women urged to rise to top amid concerns over plunging partnership numbers PDF Print E-mail

A leading figure in accountancy has urged women to rise to the  challenge as it was revealed that falling numbers of women are entering the top levels of the professions.

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