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Worcestershire businesses urged to ‘hit recession for six’ PDF Print E-mail

Members of small and independent accountants’ businesses are being invited to ‘hit the recession for six’ at Worcester Cricket Club.

Accountants in Worcestershire lay on courses every month with top speakers, and Andrew Gotch (Managing Director of the Professional Training Partnership offering advice and representation to individuals, companies and professional firms throughout the UK) is giving guidance on the New Tax Regime at the next course at Worcester Cricket Club on Tuesday (29 September) from 6 30 until 8 pm.

Interim managers: do you need one? PDF Print E-mail

Growing Business investigates how an outsider can rescue a private business, sometimes from itself.

No one knew the Green Knight when he arrived at the court of King Arthur in the middle of a feast. The courtiers thought they were on a roll, but he was there to tell them they had problems they hadn’t seen.

You probably know the story. The Green Knight made the court do a lot of things they couldn’t see the point of, especially Sir Gawain. From suspicion at first, all the stakeholders ended up trusting this stranger, and Gawain definitely became willing to do whatever it took. After this intervention, the court was a more effective entity, focused on its core business and ready to get on with tracking down the Holy Grail.


Does anybody need a soloist? PDF Print E-mail

I sang a solo of Songbird on Sunday night with full accompaniment and me singing into the microphone.  Everyone told me it was good (I am not sure if they were being kind), but it stretched me all week to do something that was just a little bit outside my comfort zone.

If anybody wants a soloist for any reason, I could probably do a rendering of “Songbird” (Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac’s version is the one I chose rather than Eva Cassidy).

B2B Social Networking Course PDF Print E-mail
Attended a brilliant course on social networking run by B2B (financed by Advantage West Midlands).  The slides are on the B2B website why don’t you look them up?
Bells’ search for new ringers PDF Print E-mail

Following the success of Eastham Church’s traditional early morning Ascension Day bell ringing service, organisers are now looking to recruit new ringers to help to keep the church’s set of 4 bells, one of only a handful of complete country church bells, ringing long into the future.

Celia Adams & Bell Ringers

The bell spectacular lasted for around 40 minutes, with people from across the Teme Valley joining in the 6.30am bell-ringing session, before they eagerly tucked in to a traditional cooked breakfast of egg, bacon, liver and local black pudding. Church member and local resident Celia Adams said: “The ringing of the bells on Ascension Day follows a tradition that has been practiced in churches and cathedrals throughout the country for many years.” adding, “The bells were so loud that they could be heard for up to a mile away and attracted much local interest, and the hearty breakfast went down a treat with everyone after all the hard work. People didn’t finally leave until around 9am. It was marvellous.”
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